Design Ideas for Our Luxury Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are a great way to establish an aesthetic in a living room. Ideas that match a luxury aesthetic can be difficult to select. We can help to add what you seek.

At IO Designs, we offer custom and high-quality pieces of furniture for certain interior aesthetics like modern or luxury. These two can even sometimes be married to create a stately and elegant interior design. To help those who are unsure what kind of design they should aim for with their accent chairs, here are a few ideas that we offer.

1. Cream Colors

The color of accent chairs is extremely important. It can completely change the aesthetic or ruin it if we're not careful about choosing the right kind of color. For those who want a luxurious or modern interior design in their living room, one of the colors that we can safely choose is cream or beige.

These are softer colors that go well with almost any kind of aesthetic. The finishes on the chair, like the color of its legs, are also extremely important. Brass or gold, for example, may not mix well with other elements of the room.

However, if we use a dark wood or even a light-colored wood, we can easily fit the accent chair into almost any space. The choice of cream or beige is also a great selection for a luxury aesthetic because it appears stately and elegant. 

2. Unique Shapes

Another element to consider when thinking about designing an accent chair is its shape. Traditional chairs can do well in a luxury setting, however, the point of luxury is to allow some form of eccentricity into the design.

That eccentricity can easily be applied to accent chairs in regards to their shape. Perhaps the chair might have a butterfly back that still offers plenty of support but also a unique silhouette for the eye. By mixing function with style, we can create entirely unique and custom accent chairs that can make a proud statement in any room.

3. Mixing Materials

What makes up the chair is also important. At IO Designs, we only use high-quality materials in the creation of our curated luxury pieces. Mixing natural materials and metals could create a unique luxury accent chair that could steal the show from other elements of the room.

One idea is to use natural wood for the back of the chair. If left exposed, the eye can appreciate the nod to nature. Yet if it's combined with metal legs, the mix of smooth wood and sleek metal can inspire a beautiful design. 

4. Bold Colors

For those who want to make their luxury accent chair bold, then we can create a slightly bulky and expressive chair with bright colors. Perhaps yellow-mustard or terracotta velvet fabric can delight the eye. You can reinvent your space by implementing a glamourous emerald-green velvet accent chair.

Accent chairs are, essentially, just that--they accent the room. You want them to provide a finishing touch. By adding in an accent chair with a vibrant shade such as magenta, we can break up the room and add some flair to the design. 

Find The Perfect Chair

At IO Designs, we offer high-quality curated pieces of furniture. We match these chairs, sofas and more with your color scheme. Our goal is to design exquisite and tasteful spaces and make our customers happy.

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