Modern Luxury Furniture

How to Transform Any Room into a Modern One with Custom Furniture

The secret of a modern interior design relies on two aspects: color and furniture choice. At IO Designs, we spend a lot of time researching and investigating with the same excitement as our first day the latest hot trends for modern and other interior design aesthetics. When you need our vision, we reflect our experience in design to your places. We want to make sure that your furniture, designs, and services are all up to date. This allows us to not only offer you an accurate design for your aesthetic choices, but it also ensures that your rooms set new trends besides just following them.

Every day, we provide modern luxury furniture design to the people of Miami and the world. What makes modern luxury furniture actually modern and luxury? Read on below. 

The Concept of Modern Luxury Furniture

To understand how furniture can become modern, it's important to first understand the aesthetic itself. Modern luxury bridges the gap between modern aesthetics and luxury aesthetics. With traditional modern interior design, you'll find that the colors are kept bright and typically white.

Minimalism is a key factor in modern designs. Luxury, on the other hand, tends to be large or bulky but with a purpose in mind. There's some generosity given in luxury design. It allows you to have a bit of fun and perhaps put colors or shapes together that might not ordinarily fit together.

Modern luxury takes the best of these two interior designs and merges them together. In the case of modern luxury furniture, it means that you might take the shapes from luxury and mix it with the minimalistic colors of the modern aesthetic. Or it may mean that you take the small and sleek forms of modern designs and mix it with the bold and fun colors from a luxury aesthetic. 

Custom-Made Modern Luxury Furniture

At IO Designs, we offer custom modern luxury furniture designs that can help transform your room into something that is impressive and bold. Some of the custom furniture designs that you might want to consider come in two main types. You can have sleek and smooth as per the modern design when it comes to couches and sofas. Armchairs and tables can also be made sleek and smooth. 

For the luxury-minded part of the design, you'll want big, bold, and indulgent shapes and colors. You can easily mix modern furniture with a large and bold coffee table or armchair. You'll also want to use the right kind of materials. Leather and other materials like microfiber and velvet make for great materials on any luxury piece. 

Design Your Modern Home Right Way

Your room shouldn't merely be a room. It should be a statement. Contact us today at IO designs to get started with your own custom-designed modern luxury furniture. Transform your room now.
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