Handmade High-End Furniture in Miami

Say no to cookie-cutter furniture pieces. We offer custom pieces of furniture that are totally unique and personal. They also will suit your South Florida home.

For those who live in Miami, Florida, it's important to establish our own style and aesthetic. It can be easy to purchase a piece of furniture at a local store and believe that it fits the home well. This isn't always the case.

There are a lot of problems that shopping at a chain store provides. Here's why we might want to consider high-end furniture at IO Designs instead.  

1. No More Cookie-Cutter Pieces

The biggest problem that chain furniture stores create is that they sell cookie-cutter pieces of furniture. This means that furniture manufacturers outsource the pieces to be mass-produced while jeopardizing the quality of the furniture. Those who purchase those pieces will place them in their home, and then visit a friend only to find that they have the exact same accent chair or couch as themselves.

Not only can this be slightly embarrassing, especially if their piece actually fits their room better, but it's also disheartening. Furniture is a great way to establish our own sense of style and design. When ordering a high-end and custom piece of furniture with us, you're receiving an entirely unique piece of furniture. 

2. Handmade For The Customer

Another reason that you should consider our furniture store in Miami is because we hand make our pieces of furniture specifically for our customers. From the very start, we get to know the customer in order to understand their aesthetic goals for their living room, dining room, or any other space in their home.

Through that understanding, we can create a custom piece of furniture that completely matches that style. Those pieces are also handmade instead of simply pumped out through a factory. This means that it's high-quality.

Every aspect of it has been carefully constructed to offer the customer a unique piece of furniture that also functions well. Handmade products typically last longer than factory-produced pieces as well. You have to replace them less often.  

3. Create an Entire Design

At IO Designs, we specialize in design. Perhaps the customer isn't entirely sure what kind of piece would go well with the design that they want to invoke in their living room. Perhaps they're not even sure of what kind of aesthetic to aim towards.

We can take a lot of confusion out of the process. We specialize in designing and curating spaces. From the finish choices in your home to the furniture on the walls to the furniture, we can help walk our customers through every step of the process.

By the end of it, they'll have a room that goes well past what they had originally dreamed of. When customers allow us to take control of the design down to its very roots, we can ensure that our furniture melds perfectly with the room itself. 

Use Incredible Customer Service

Here at IO Designs, we want to help every individual who wants good furniture. At chain furniture stores, customers are just another number. Because we involve our customers in the design creation, we treat them with great care, respect, and kindness.

Contact us today at IO Designs for handmade furniture that is high-quality, custom, and high-end. We are the interior designers you need for a Miami home.