Unique Furniture Pieces

Aspects To Keep In Mind When Planning A Custom Piece Of Furniture

Unique pieces of furniture are bold statements. They're even works of art. At IO Designs, we want to provide you with your next great masterpiece. You don’t need to confine yourself to acrylics and canvas; you can also find the art in chairs and coffee tables.

When you choose to have a custom piece of furniture designed and built from IO Designs, you can expect high-quality materials, stellar service, and an entirely unique piece of furniture. Our designers build items just for you. We don't settle for cookie-cutter furniture pieces because you deserve better.

Instead, we provide you with stunning custom furniture that highlights the room where it rests. This can include your bedroom or personal office. You want eye-catching pieces that lift your mood. We provide that.

When you want to work with us, there are a few aspects to keep in mind. Knowing these facets of design will help you decide what works for your home. We always want to educate our clients. 

Custom Furniture Design: The Scale

Always consider the scale, or size, of the furniture piece. For tinier rooms, you may want a sleek and slim unique furniture piece rather than a large or bulky item. You don't have to sacrifice on glamor or luxury just because you need to downsize your chair or sofa. The scale of the furniture can be worked in such a way that allows it to still take center stage whenever you enter the dining room or home office.

For larger rooms, you're allowed a bit more freedom with the scale of your piece. Perhaps you want an oversized table or sofa. Maybe you like the idea of a large table that looks as though it was carved directly from a log or slab of wood. The scale of the custom furniture can tell a story just as much as any other aspect of it. 

Leather, Fabric, And Wood Furniture: The Color

Speaking of other aspects, you may also want to consider the color of the piece. Color choice depends largely upon the room's aesthetic. You wouldn't want to choose a color that completely thwarts the overall aesthetic that you're attempting to establish. A bright orange, for example, may not hold up well against an aesthetic that primarily uses muted or earthy tones.

Bold color choice can also be an aspect to create interesting contrasts. Perhaps if you have a room that has modern minimalism in mind, a bright blue or even a royal red might do well to add in that dash of color. Palettes can attract the eye to it and break up some of the monotony that might exist in other parts of the room.

Or you may choose muted colors. These allow the unique piece of furniture to blend in with the aesthetic. We understand that you may want to highlight something else in the room. Muted colors may be the best way to accomplish that feat. 

Custom-Made Pieces: The Shape

Furniture shape allows you to have a lot of freedom with designing a room. We can help you branch away from symmetrical forms and instead embrace something that's never been seen before, at least with fashion trends. Dazzle and impress your guests with a table that seems to defy gravity or that winds along the wall.

Radial shapes create a sense of welcoming. Rectangular pieces, in contrast, can add angles to a room that are very needed. Knowing the mood you want to set can help decide the shape. Wood is quite malleable for carving, and you can arrange leather as you see fit.  

Uplift Your Living Room With Ingrid Olarte

IO Designs wants to make your home a fantastic, harmonic space. Our experts will work with you to find the right pieces that will add some life. Your comfort and desires for furniture are our priority.

Contact us at Ingrid Olarte for unique furniture pieces that set new trends. You won’t be disappointed with our custom options. See what sofas, chairs, and tables speak to you.