Luxury Console Table

When designing the home's interior space, no detail should ever be overlooked. Everything from the choice of rugs to tables needs to be considered with great care. At IO Designs, we offer high-quality, luxury, console tables that make a statement whilst maintaining its functionality.

Here are a few themes and aesthetics to consider when you choose to design your luxury console table with us. Some can be used in combination, and others work better separately.

1. Real Wood Console Table

While many think of luxury furniture as something that is sleek and perhaps gaudy, but they don't always realize that using natural materials can also make a luxurious piece. One element to consider when designing a luxury console table is the use of real, natural, wood.

Tapered legs can make a grand statement when used with a sleek surface. When natural ash or walnut wood is utilized for the design, we can still maintain that modern and luxurious aesthetic without needing to use paint.

A few finishes like golden handles or feet for the table's legs transitions the natural piece from merely elegant to elegantly luxurious. You can hearken back to past designs. 

2. Sheer Metal

Besides natural wood, another material that is great to work for a luxury console table is metal. Whether it's steel, brass, or another kind of metal, the shine and sleek lines that it offers breathe nothing but luxury.

One design that might be worth noting with metal is its use in the legs. We can stray away from the traditional vertical lines that tables require and instead add in a sleek curve for the surface to rest against. Luxury allows us to play with the size and shape of furniture pieces.

The console table can still remain a contained table area. By using the legs to offer a new shape, we can transform it into a luxury piece. 

3. Nesting Console Tables

Another design to consider is the use of nesting tables. These are stacked or staggered tables hat are thin and rest easily against the wall. You can get these designs in either square, rectangular, or round shapes.

To keep them modern or luxurious, we can design them with marble, wood, or brass accents. These tables look great against terrazzo floors, white porcelain, and marble flooring. The design tends to mix modern, industrial, and luxury together.

Because of their flexible stacking, we can also fit numerous items on the surface or store the furniture easily. For those who like to make their console tables hold decorative pieces, then we'll find that we can place a lot of those items on its surface without looking cluttered. 

4. Glass Console Table

Glass console tables add a layer of literal transparency and allow the light to bounce around the room in various directions. Also due to being lightweight, the tables are portable and so you can arrange them around the living room to find that perfect combination.

A recent rise in popularity has made the use of glass in interior design all the more common. We have seen more people getting tiny round tables for small rooms. The round shapes invite guests to converse with hosts and each other. They’re safer for houses that have pets or children while adding a bit of sparkle.

We can make a low and wide glass console table to fit the luxurious aesthetic. All of our tables are made to be durable so that you can entertain for years on end. Decide how you want the light to refract.  

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