Luxury Living Room

Make Your Luxury Dream Interior a Reality

The interior of your home shouldn't just be a place for storing items or to pass by without notice. A luxury living room can make a statement no one will forget. Visitors will be able to take in the wall art, coffee tables, and relax while spending time with you.

What's the difference between a regular living room and a luxury living room? The interior design makes a significant mark. A standard living room will have pieces of furniture that are necessarily selected with a theme in mind. They may appear inviting and comfortable or adhere to a color palette that you enjoy. The pieces may not necessarily work together or even go with the room, but they make an impact as a whole!

When you invite guests or family to your home, a lackluster reaction is not something you want. Instead, you want them to experience a 'wow' moment that is associated with your home, your style, and your essence.

The experts at IO Designs can help you transform any standard living room into a statement-making luxury living room.

What We Do for Your Modern Living Room

We are passionate about interior design and stay on top of the latest trends and materials that will be sure to impress. We offer numerous services like interior design, custom furniture, even an entire room feature remodeling. If you want to dazzle your family and guests, then here are a few tips on how to transform your living room from a dud and into a space they won’t want to leave.

Custom Furniture For Your Living Space

One of the key aspects of a luxury living room is the choice of furniture. Standard living rooms have cookie-cutter pieces of furniture that anyone can buy from their local furniture market. There's nothing special about them. You could walk into your friend's home and find the exact same piece sitting in their living room.

A luxury living room utilizes a custom or high-end furniture that is difficult to acquire at your local furniture stores. In the case of custom furniture, these pieces are designed specifically for the room. They come in the right shade of color and the right kind of design.

Perhaps you need something with gold or brass finishes that fit the rest of your luxurious aesthetic. A custom piece of furniture can offer those high-end finishes in such a way that it doesn't look gaudy or out of place. Instead, it enhances the piece of furniture and allows it to make a statement.

European high-end furniture seems to understand what a luxurious sofa, side table or couch should aspire to be. They're large, sometimes blocky, but also sleek and elegant. When using IO Designs, you can be sure that the quality of the furniture that you receive matches the quality that you expect since it's not uncommon for European-designed furniture to actually be built elsewhere with poor materials. However, We'll ensure you receive phenomenal quality from start to finish. 

Let IO Designs Turn Your Space Into A Beautiful Home

You deserve room space that increases your well-being and mood whenever you’re in it. IO Designs wants to make your house into a gorgeous and unforgettable living area.

Contact us today to get started with your transformation. Besides furniture, we also help you design a luxury living room from the ground and up. Color choice and finishes are important.