Re-think the living space
IO Designs can help you recreate your vision while giving your living space a wow factor.
Form and Functionality
It's not only about designing pretty spaces. Form and function are essential elements to great Interior Design. 
Innovation meets Simplicity
Do you lack the tools and design techniques? We can help you translate your ideas to reality.
Architecture Design
Need architectural design services? Looking for the need of remodeling, new builds, construction administration, budgeting or programming? We tackle an array of design challenges ranging from Residential to Commercial Design. 
Interior Design
Whether you are thinking of remodeling or revamping your home or business, we will work with you to help you acquire the look and feel you deserve. Our mission is to identify your needs while guiding you through our design process and transform your living spaces. 
Public Space
Our design focus is to understand how the user interacts within the space and from a usability standpoint, how the space can be optimized for the end user. Our design approach is to introduce different experiences, incorporate flexibility, comfort and bring natural elements to the space to enhance a sense of well-being. 

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Getting Started
Where would you like to start? Here are a few design options for you to consider:
Renovating Your Kitchen
Your kitchen is, of course, the heart of your home. It’s where your family and friends always gather, so if yours is starting to feel old and outdated, it’s time for a reno. A new design complete with updated appliances, a new modern backsplash, and solid surface countertops can go a long way toward upgrading your home. 
Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors.
Gleaming hardwood floors are a major selling point for any home. Not only that, but they’re easy to care for and all the rage these days in decorating. If yours are looking a little worn or have that 1960s ranch home orange-colored look, let us help you with that. A redesign or refinish can bring those old floors from the 60s into 2018. We can also design new hardwood floors for your home or help you to choose another new flooring that can change the entire look of your home.
Installing New Lighting
Well-lit spaces always make everything look better. In addition, old lighting fixtures can date your home. We can design new lighting features with layers of light to make your home look more contemporary and well-lit. 
Investing in Architectural Details
Well-placed trim and millwork can give any room in your home a more finished look. Crown molding, for example, can be the crowning glory for a room that needs a sense of high-quality workmanship. Tell us your vision and we'll come up with the perfect design details.

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