Designing a Beautiful Bathroom

You love your home but have started thinking lately that your bathroom needs a major makeover. Perhaps it’s the kids’ bathroom that needs some serious help. Or it could be your guest bathroom, you know, the one that embarrasses you whenever a guest comes to stay? On the other hand, it could be that most important of all bathrooms, your master bath that needs a facelift. Maybe it needs to be turned into a true en-suite bath once and for all. Right?

Your Vision or Ours

No matter which one it is, you want it to somehow turn out exactly as you envision it. Or, maybe you honestly don’t quite envision anything in particular but just know it needs to be changed from the way it looks now. No problem. At IO Designs in Miami, we have plenty of experience working with both types of homeowners, those who know what they want in a bathroom reno and those who don’t.

No More One-Bath Homes

In this day and age, it can be difficult to believe that the average home way back when only had one bathroom and it was usually pretty small. Now, however, most of us have two or more bathrooms and want every single one of them to be roomy and well-appointed. We want them to include colors that please us, as well as equipment that makes life both easier and more luxurious. We want plenty of storage and lots of light, preferably the natural kind.

The Path to a Better Bath

Here are a few considerations to start off with on your path to a better bathroom. Since you’ll probably have to work with the space that you have at hand, it’s important to look at your bath reno project objectively. At IO Designs, we can help you to get the most from your new bathroom design and determine whether to keep your current layout to save you money or do a complete re-design to make better use of the available space. Either way, you’ll want a design expert to plan it for you.

Everything You’re Dreaming Of

Do you dream of a spacious walk-in shower, a jetted tub or a freestanding one, double sinks with a roomy vanity for storage, a water closet for the toilet, and perhaps a dressing area? Maybe you would like a seating area, built-in TV in the shower or a sound system? You can quite possibly have all of the fabulous features you want even if you’re short on space and/or budget. You and your designer will simply have to think creatively so your designer bathroom dreams can be fulfilled.

Call Us Today

If you’re ready to get started on that bath reno and want the help of a consummate design team, contact us at Ingrid Olarte Interior Design in Miami (786) 623-8218. Or, you can fill out our form and our design team will be contacting you with additional information about our bathroom re-design services and pricing.


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