Restoring an Old House on a Budget in Miami

When you decide to renovate an old home, the first thing that you have to bear in mind is that it’s definitely not a small undertaking. Frankly, it’s quite a major one and, as such, could require a professional designer who specializes in both architectural and interior design. Here at IO Designs, we can offer you the benefit of our years of expertise in both areas and help you with your restoration in Miami while staying within your budget.

From Nightmare to Dream Home

For starters, you need to take special care when you’re dealing with an older house. In addition, you’ll quickly find out that old homes are usually filled with unpleasant surprises, like asbestos, water damage, termite damage, knob-and-tube wiring and more. It’s a rather unfortunate fact that all of these things can make expenses go up rather quickly. However, it’s also a fact that a well-designed renovation that’s done right can turn any nightmare home into your dream home

Your First Step

Turning to us for the design and architectural details is your first step toward a successful job. We have renovated and restored numerous homes, both new and old, and here are a few pointers regarding what to do and what to expect when restoring an old house on a budget in Miami:

  1. Start Small if You’re on a Tight Budget

Older homes, large or small, usually need a number of updates, so unless you have unlimited funds for your project, look at smaller houses to make the project more manageable. Go with quality materials and fewer renovations for the most bang for your buck.

  1. It’s a Big Commitment

It’s a major commitment to live in an old home, even one that’s been renovated. Your life could turn into one without some of the creature comforts that you’ve become used to. If you love the charm and history of an old home more than you love the ultimate in comfort, it could be perfect for you. If not, you might want to give it a little more thought or just ask us about how much comfort we can add to all of that historic charm while still staying within your budget.

  1. Water Damage is Your Mortal Enemy

When choosing your old home to renovate, look for water damage, especially around the windows or on ceilings and floors. Remember that water damage can be a warning sign of much more serious structural issues.

  1. Be Smart When Investing

You may never plan on selling your historic dream home but you should still be smart by considering the resale value when setting your budget. You want to make sure that you don’t over-invest in an old home that has no possibility of yielding an equal return because of the real estate market that it’s located in.

Contact Us Today

If you feel that you’re ready to start on that old home reno, contact us at Ingrid Olarte Interior Design in Miami (786) 623-8218. Or, use our handy form so that our design team can contact you to discuss your old home restoration project.


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